We are now in the third quarter of the year celebrating the 25th anniversary of Onésimus Corporation.


To give back to our consumers, we are launching the new sets of merchandise, the Premium Barongs.

Premium Barongs are made from machine embroidery and callado designs, a kind of filigree working the cloth thread is pulled from the cloth in an intricate pattern that goes with simple or ornate hand embroidery designs. It is a line of barongs for our premium market at affordable price. The price ranges depend on the design.

It has become the signature attire showcases Philippine embroidery in Onésimus Corporation.

A well-groomed, conservative and professional look is important to us. Every business professionals can wear barongs for their special occasions, business meetings, and even formal events. The barongs are more suitable in our climate than suits.

Onésimus Corporation as the leading distributor of formal Barongs and suits proved that the consumers are still looking for a classic formal wear.

For our barongs, Onésimus are using Pure Piña, Piña silk (combination of piña and silk yarn), Piña Jusi (combination of pineapple and raw silk fibers) . It is believed that the main materials in producing Barongs, the pineapple was brought to the Philippines by the Spaniards. Piña, its derived fabric, was considered high class and an exportable good. It signifies elegance, rarity, and great beauty.

However, the competitors are continuously innovating products which the competition gets tough.

Since then, Onésimus keeps on producing high-quality, reliable and useful products that can compete in the global market.

If us consumers support our local market today, the economy will improve, more communities will be build and create more jobs for our Filipinos.

Thus shop local and think global.

Premium Barongs are now available in all Onésimus stores nationwide.

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