Guide on How to Find the Right Suit

Finding a suit that fits your style is tough, but finding a suit that fits your style and your size is tougher. Here we will tell you the things you need to consider when buying a suit.

#1 Avoid Being an Impulsive Buyer – Suits are made to make you look classy and professional, so it’s only natural that it appeals to you at first glance. Before you break your piggy bank, think first of your budget and the main reason why you’re buying a suit. If it’s only for a one-time event, you may then settle for the less expensive one.

#2 The Right Fit – Wear or bring a dress shirt (not a T-shirt) when going to a store, so that you will know how it will fit you in a formal attire. Once you selected the suit of your choice, put on the jacket and button the first button then gently put your fist between your torso and your jacket where you buttoned it. If it’s too tight, then go size up. Buy the size bigger than the one where your fist no longer fits.

Below is a visual guide from

Visual Guide for Suits

#3 Pants Do Matter – A suit will never look good if the pants you’re wearing don’t go with it. When deciding what pants to wear with a suit, the first thing you should consider is the size. It’s better to go larger than smaller. The reason why you go formal is to look comfortable and elegant, not to look skinny.Buying a suit is not as easy as buying your regular clothes. This needs a lot of decision-making skills, because in the end, people will not talk about on how expensive your suit is, but on how good you look wearing it.

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