We have partied once again with the University of the Philippines Junior Marketing Association (UPJMA) last April 25, 2015 that was held at SMX Convention Center for the ADHOC RESONANCE.


College students from different universities and young professionals from all walks of life across the metro have gathered into one spectacular night event.

They all partied like there’s no tomorrow, danced the night away, and enjoyed the overflowing premium drinks.This event has really captured the heart of every party goers that keeps coming back in the biggest college party in the metro.

Onesimus Suits and Barongs had prepared ample of surprising activities last Adhoc Resonance. Our very own stylishly-made photo booth got crowded by the party goers and had their

picture taken inside the booth with different signages to choose from. Exciting prizes like bow ties, neck ties, and ballers had been given away in line with the different promos of Onesimus during the Adhoc Party.

The University of the Philippines Junior Marketing Association together with Onesimus Suits and Barongs have brought the party goers into a whole new level of party in the metro.

Experience the ultimate blast!

Party with us!